A Tailstock Micrometer Dial
For a Myford Super 7 Lathe

Full Size This Tailstock Micrometer is a slightly modified version of the design by George Thomas, initially published in Model Engineer No 3500, of 1 November 1974, and included in his book The Model Engineers Workshop Manual.

The modification consisted of making the dial ring parallel, instead of following the original curve of the tailstock cap and handwheel. This gave a slightly larger diameter ring and so a slightly more open scale. The cap also had to be turned parallel and fitted with a ring to suit.

The 'knurling' is a bit over the top. The circumferential grooves were turned as would be expected, but the axial ones were individually milled, using a dividing head. Although this technique is a shade more time consuming than straight knurling, the result is so beautiful that I will probably use it again.


Enlarged View